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The Link Prayer Bulletin for January and February 2022

Greetings everyone!

2022 marks the 25th anniversary of The Link Family & Community Centre! We feel greatly privileged to get to do what we do in trying to be an active Christian presence in the community.

Thank you for your support, prayers & generosity throughout this past 25 years!

In recent weeks, our community has continued to face the difficult challenges presented by Covid19! Against this backdrop, our Volunteers, Staff & Board continue our commitment to our values of, faith, acceptance, valuing people, integrity, commitment & partnership.

As always, we greatly value your prayers & we would especially appreciate your prayers for:

LYFE (Link Youth for Everyone) Please pray:

  • Karen who has joined us as maternity cover for Stacey’s Young Parents Support Worker role

  • the mental health & well-being of each young person & that they may know they are valued

MARC Project (Addictions Team) Please pray:

  • for our staff as they empathetically carry out their work supporting & encouraging clients

  • for each of the clients as they make their own life journey

Volunteer Coordination and Fundraising Please pray:

  • for successful fundraising to support our work

  • for the continuing recruitment of new volunteers

English classes for speakers of foreign languages Please pray:

  • for the Staff & Volunteers as they continue to keep in touch with students & teach online

  • that the students would integrate well & would feel accepted & safe in this community

ARDS Churches ‘Christians Against Poverty’ (CAP) Please pray:

  • for our Debt Centre Manager, Valerie as she engages with clients

  • give thanks for the work of all the churches in Newtownards who are helping & supporting those in our community who are vulnerable & in need


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