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Soup Kitchen


What projects are ongoing?

 With so many different projects in The Link, volunteers are an essential part of the work. Wherever your skills lie, The Link has opportunities for you to volunteer. Some projects we currently have going on are:

  • The MARC project, which addresses substance abuse and dependency.

  • LYFE (Link Youth For Everyone) works with marginalised, socially excluded and vulnerable young people.

  • The Seniors drop-in lunch

  • ESOL language classes.

  • The social enterprise, Link Charity Shop

  • Administration

Where can I sign up?

Volunteers allow our projects to run efficiently. We wish to draw volunteers from all strata of the community that we serve. We want our volunteers to feel that they can use the talents they have to benefit their community and feel valued as they do this and that their skills are appreciated.

Our volunteers will be trained to a high standard, adding to the skill set they already have.

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