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Opening of Marcit shop furniture store on Regent Street

The sky was bright with September sun. The well-lit Marcit shop buzzed with conversation. The air rippled with laughter and friendliness. It was time to officially open our furniture store on Regent Street. The Mayor, Alderman Alan Graham, stepped forward to cut the ribbon, held at the ends by Margaret and Tom, two stalwart volunteers. Would the scissors work?

They did! The ribbon parted and the shop was officially open! The Mayor fulsomely praised the work of the Link Family and Community Centre, for whose purposes the Marcit shop exists. Jim Shannon (M.P) did also, speaking of the long, vibrant and significant impact of the work of The Project in Newtownards.

Staff, volunteers, clients and an array of friends and families then enjoyed a deluge of cakes and buns in celebration of this new and exciting and challenge. It really was a gathering of a family of common purpose and action, which wants to see change for those in the town who are struggling with deep and complex needs.

The Shop will support the work of the Marc project (which is described elsewhere in this Newsletter) in particular. If all goes well, it may even be able to contribute to some other parts of the Link’s work.

The arrival of the marcit shop onto Regent Street has been a blessing. The response of those with furniture to offer has been wonderful.

Well done to Ronnie and the marcit volunteers for bringing the shop safely to this point.


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